Welcome to Fish Migration Week

An international phenomenon thousands of years in the making is headed to a coastal river or stream near you. This week, Maine Audubon heralds fish migration—the return of diadromous fish from the ocean to their inland spawning grounds. It starts with elvers, baby American Eels; then soon millions …

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Avian Flu in Maine

UPDATED: 19 April 2022 In mid February, the USDA and APHIS announced the presence of "highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)" in a (non-commercial) backyard flock of chickens in Knox County. Since then, cases of avian flu have continued to pop up in domestic birds, with a dozen documented cases …

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Environmental education assistants needed!

Are you a 14- to 17-year-old who wants to spend time exploring outdoors with campers this summer? Do you want to build skills, gain experience, and have fun while volunteering? If so, we hope you’ll apply to be an Environmental Education Assistant (EEA) with Maine Audubon’s summer day camps for …

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