Come Have a Brush with Nature

People connect with nature in many ways. Some go for long hikes–like Nelson Daigle, who, at age 84, just climbed Borestone Mountain for the 200th time!  Others spend hours gardening, bringing native plants home to create a robust habitat for birds and insects. Some connect with nature by canoeing, …

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It’s Mayhem: Maine Audubon is busting out all over

In the same way that blossoms started to unfurl and migratory birds began to appear, so too did restless Maine Audubon staffers, tentative at first, and then all at once in a glorious riot of activity.  May was the busiest month we’ve seen in ages, in terms of our interaction with the public. …

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Best of January 2018 (PHOTOS)

Oh January. There's something about January. The holidays are over and the air is (mostly) frigid, but slowly and surely the days are getting noticeably longer. It's a quieter month, both in terms of wildlife and programs here, which is great for slowing down and taking time to look around. …

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