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Renewed Urgency for Protection of Maine Wildlife

The most challenging aspect of human impact on the environment is that we get used to it. It's easy to see colorful birds at your feeders this spring and forget that there are billions fewer songbirds than there used to be, or enjoy a day at the beach in Maine without realizing that the Gulf of …

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This is the fourth post in our series on the wildlife impacts of Central Maine Power's proposed New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) transmission line project. As we wrote in our introductory post, Maine Audubon feels strongly that NECEC and its mitigation plan offer unsatisfactory protections …

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Nature Moments: Parade of Frogs

How can so many frog species co-exist in the same pond without competing for food or accidentally mating with the wrong species? One solution is to reproduce at different times of year. From mud season until the first autumn frosts, you can witness a parade of different …

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Nature Moments: Wood Frog Thumbs

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution explains not only how creatures became good at securing food sources and surviving in the wilderness, but also how they produce the next generation. A good example of this, explains Bowdoin professor and Maine Audubon trustee Nat Wheelwright, is the male Wood …

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