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Policy & Advocacy

Advocating on behalf of public policies that are in the best interest of Maine’s wildlife and habitat is a key pillar of Maine Audubon’s mission.

Our approach is science-based, measured, and inclusive, and it depends in large part on our network of citizen activists, who prove again and again that people are the secret to successful advocacy.

Maine Audubon maintains a constant presence in Augusta, our state capital, where we advocate in front of legislative committees and work collaboratively with natural resource agencies as the state’s leading wildlife conservation organization. We also advocate at the federal level on policies that impact Maine, especially now as our nation’s bedrock environmental laws face increasing threats.

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Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition

As a member of the Maine Environmental Priorities Coalition, Maine Audubon works closely with environmental, conservation, and public health organizations in Maine representing over 100,000 members to protect the good health, good jobs, and quality of life that our environment provides. Learn more at

More information and resources:

  • Read about our Maine Audubon Advocacy Focus Areas
  • Sign up for our Action Alerts to keep you informed on wildlife and habitat policy as a part of our community activist network.
  • Visit our Take Action page for tips on how to contact your representatives to be in touch with decision-makers, testify at a public hearing, and write letters to the editor.

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