Brook Trout

Maine Audubon Excited About Kennebec River Wildlife Recommendations

Many species of fish travel great distances during their lives, and many move between the ocean and freshwater streams and rivers in order to complete their lifecycles. Unfortunately, dams built on those streams and rivers are like locked doors keeping fish from their required habitat. For centuries …

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What This Election Means for Maine’s Wildlife — & What’s Next

Yesterday, Maine people (and the nation at large) answered our call to #EgretOutTheVote -- in what appear to be record numbers. The majority of votes have been tallied, and we know one thing for certain: The 2018 midterm elections results bode well for Maine's wildlife and habitat. If you didn't …

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Progress on Brook Trout and Arctic Charr Protection

Maine Audubon has been hard at work with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), Trout Unlimited, and others to improve the way we manage our native brook trout and Arctic charr. Maine's native and wild brook trout and the lakes, ponds and flowing waters they depend on are …

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