Banding a rare Rufous Hummingbird

Here at Maine Audubon, each fall we encourage you to keep hummingbird feeders up. We write blog posts and newspaper articles and that is because while we all know Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are in Maine from the beginning of May, through the end of September, it is later in the fall that …

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Stream Smart Screen Time!

There are many steps in the creation of a Stream Smart crossing, and this fall Maine Audubon and partners have released two new videos covering two of the most important ones: water control, and streambed and streambank building. Our many training videos are used by municipalities, contractors, and …

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Becoming a bird-safe school

Something’s happening during recess these days at Yarmouth Elementary School. Instead of the shouts and sounds of a soccer game, there’s quiet. Groups of kids are standing, looking, listening. Yes, they’re birding!  According to Nicole Colfer, the school’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, …

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