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Wildlife wins with stream grants awarded

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has just announced that it will be awarding grants to 34 projects in Maine, to match local funding that will pay for upgrades of culverts at stream crossings on municipal roads. Congratulations to the grantees! This directly supports our Stream Smart Maine goals, to work with contractors, landowners, and other professionals responsible for road-stream crossings to construct culverts that maintain fish and wildlife habitat while protecting roads and public safety.

For more than ten years, Maine Audubon has hosted workshops and trainings for more than 1000 people in Maine, helping reconnect hundreds of miles of stream habitat. Our goal: let the stream act like a stream. 

By funding these projects, the DEP will increase public safety, reduce flooding, and benefit fish and wildlife, among other things. 

Maine Audubon Conservation Biologist Sarah Haggerty, who runs the Stream Smart program, says, “I am so excited to see this many projects poised to receive meaningful financial support, and in so many parts of the state! These funds help defray the up-front costs of replacing undersized culverts with Stream Smart crossings, which will then last longer and save money in the long run.” 

By upgrading these crossings, she says, fish will be able to move freely up and down rivers and streams, and wildlife will have a better way to cross a road safely. “This popular grant program protects our investments in infrastructure and reconnects aquatic habitats all across the state,” says Haggerty, “one culvert at a time.”

As announced by the DEP on its website, these are the 34 projects:

Alna, Egypt Road, $125,000.00

Brownfield, Phen Road, $125,000.00

Buckfield, Bear Pond Road, $120,000.00

Burnham, Pond Rd, $125,000.00

Chapman, West Chapman Road, $125,000.00

Clinton, True Road, $125,000.00

Cornville, Molunkus Road, $125,000.00

Deer Isle, Sunshine Road, $125,000.00

Dixmont, South Road, $125,000.00

Ellsworth, Red Bridge Road, $125,000.00

Enfield, Mohawk Rd North, $125,000.00

Enfield Mohawk Rd South, $125,000.00

Garland, Oliver Hill Road, $125,000.00

Garland, Campbell Road, $125,000.00

Gorham, Westcott Road, $125,000.00

Hartland, Beans Corner Road II, $125,000.00

Lewiston, Old Webster Road, $125,000.00

Milo, Medford Road, $125,000.00

Norridgewock, Winding Hill Road, $125,000.00

North Yarmouth, Sweetser Road, $125,000.00

Phillips, East Madrid Road, $125,000.00

Pittston, Pinkham Road, $125,000.00

Pittston, Blodgett Road, $125,000.00

Richmond, Beedle Road (West), $125,000.00

Richmond, Beedle Road (East), $125,000.00

Rockport, Robinson Drive, $125,000.00

Rockport, West Street Extension, $125,000.00

Rumford, Prospect Avenue, $125,000.00

Skowhegan, Steward Hill Road, $125,000.00

Standish, Moody Road, $125,000.00

Starks, Locke Hill Road, $125,000.00

Temple, Mitchell Brook Road, $125,000.00

Tremont, Dix Point Road, $42,500.00

York, Parsons Road, $125,000.00