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Scarborough Marsh Canoe Tours: Take tides into account

Our guided canoe tours are a great way to explore the Dunstan River from the water, offering a chance to see cormorants, egrets, and other birds up close, and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the marsh. Because of the changes from storms this past winter and shifts we are experiencing in the tides, we regret to announce that we will not always be able to run our daily canoe tours this summer. From our location, it’s not possible to launch a boat at low tide.

Below please find the dates on which we will hold the guided canoe tours now through Labor Day. It is always best to call at 9 am on the day in question and check first for conditions.

If you are planning to rent a boat, or bring your own boat, please note that you can not go out at low tide. It is best to plan to launch at least one hour after low tide.

Keep in mind that tide charts are estimates. The tide can change earlier or later, and the low tide mark can be higher or lower than predicted. This makes scheduling boat tours a little harder.

For the most up-to-date information, call 207-883-5100.

The guided canoe tours are 10–11:30 am; $16/adult, $11/child (children must be at least 4 years old to ride in a canoe). Drop-in only, no reservations.

June 29–July 6
Sat 6/29, Sun 6/30, Mon 7/1, Tues 7/2, Wed 7/3, Thurs 7/4, Fri 7/5, Sat 7/6

Week of July 7–July 13
Sunday 7/7, Mon 7/8, Tues 7/9, Sat 7/13

Week of July 14–20
Sun 7/14, Mon 7/15, Tues 7/16, Wed 7/17, Thurs 7/18, Fri 7/19, Sat 7/20

Week of July 21–27
Sun 7/21, Mon 7/22, Tues 7/23, Wed 7/24

Week of July 28–Aug 3
Sun 7/28, Mon 7/29, Tues 7/30, Wed 7/31, Thurs 8/1, Fri 8/2, Sat 8/3

Week of Aug 4–10
Sun 8/4, Mon 8/5, Tues 8/6, Wed 8/7

Week of Aug 11–17
Mon 8/12, Tues 8/13, Wed 8/14, Thurs 8/15, Fri 8/16, Sat 8/17

Aug 18–25
Sun 8/18, Mon 8/19, Tues 8/20, Wed 8/21,

Aug 26–Sept 2
Mon 8/26, Tues 8/27, Wed 8/28, Thurs 8/29, Fri 8/30, Sat 8/31, Sun 9/1, Mon 9/2

SMAC Ju;ly 2024 tide chart