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Help Us Protect Birds! Volunteers Needed to Monitor Bird/Building Collisions

It’s estimated that one million birds die per day around the country after colliding with glass windows. We need your help understanding this problem so we can craft and implement solutions.

We are looking for volunteers this spring migration to join us on the early-morning streets of Portland to look for birds that have struck buildings to help us identify which species are being impacted and which buildings are causing the most problems.

What You Can Do

BirdSafe Maine is a partnership between the University of Southern Maine and the Portland Society for Architecture, working together to understand and address bird / building collisions in Maine. We’ve found more than a hundred birds representing more than 20 species in Portland over the past three migratory seasons, and need to know more.

Our spring migration season in Portland will occur between April 18 and May 31.

We are looking for volunteers to help out. It’s an easy job (and good exercise): Walk a predetermined route between the Old Port and Congress Street in the early morning about once a week looking for dead or injured birds.

For interested volunteers, we are hosting a virtual information session on Tuesday April 12 between 1 and 2pmRegister here.

You can still help out if you’re unable to volunteer. If you find a dead bird on the sidewalk, in your yard, or anywhere near a building this spring, please let us know. We will use this data to identify solutions that building owners can take to reduce these deaths.

If you find a dead bird, please:

  • Take photographs of the bird in place.
  • Email images with the date and address to
  • No need to collect the bird, but you can move it to a safe place to decompose if you feel comfortable.
  • If you find an injured but living bird, please contact Avian Haven at 207-382-6761.

Thank you for your assistance. Together we can help protect wildlife.