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Good luck, young salmon!

If you’ve followed along with our adventures in salmon-rearing in previous years, you know that May is when we typically release our Atlantic Salmon fry into the Presumpscot River watershed. Of course, this year has been anything but typical, with participants in the Fish Friends program scrambling to adapt to school closures and stay at home orders. Some participants released their salmon early, some took them home, and others were able to keep caring for them on-site.

Ours continued to grow at Gilsland Farm until last Thursday, when we packed up close to two hundred thriving fry and brought them back to the Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance and Hatchery (SSRA&H). 

This leaves “our” salmon with an exciting future as potential brood stock for future generations of Fish Friends salmon. In future years, their descendants may benefit from Maine Audubon’s work to improve stream connectivity and restore habitat for salmon and other wildlife.