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Former Maine Audubon Executive Directors Interviewed

Looking Back with Respect, Moving Forward with Optimism

In the June-August 2013 issue of Habitat, our members’ magazine, we mention work completed to capture the perspective of five former Executive Directors (all living in Maine) in video interviews they graciously agreed to give.

Board member Bob Duschesne met with each of them to get a sense of the challenges they faced during their tenure and the contributions made to the organization we know today. W will create highlights from these videos and present the interviews in full below where former Executive Directors Dick Anderson, Bill Ginn, Chuck Hewitt, Thomas Urquhart and Kevin Carley speak of the trials they faced and moments of celebration as the organization grew from a small community naturalist museum into today’s Maine Audubon. Bonus interview with current executive director Ted Koffman.

Dick Anderson 1969-1977

Bill Ginn 1977-1982

Chuck Hewitt 1983-1987

Thomas Urquhart – 1988-2000

Kevin Carley 2001-2008

Ted Koffman 2009-present