Capture the winter landscape at Fields Pond

One of the best parts about living in Maine is being able to experience all four seasons. With your help, we want to showcase what makes this particular time of year special! For our first ever Winter Photo Contest, we are seeking submissions that capture compelling images of Maine’s winter landscape right here on Fields Pond Audubon’s trails. The 229-acre sanctuary, tucked just outside of the busy city of Bangor, offers lots of opportunities for beginners and experts alike to take gorgeous snapshots of nature with trails winding through field, wetland, forest, and lakeshore habitats.

Last week, as I hiked Fields Pond’s trails to assess damage from the recent storm, I thought about how long many of Maine’s birds have been absent, headed south to spend the winter in warmer areas, while other wildlife spend the season tucked away in their hibernacula. I contemplated the missing green, yellow, and red leaves on deciduous trees, long since fallen to the ground.

But as gray and quiet as the landscape appears in winter, it really seems to make space for things that may go unnoticed in other seasons. Red squirrels appear brighter in color than usual in contrast to the muddy trails and seem lively and bold in their pursuit of food sources. I saw conifers holding steady with their dark green needles, large deer tracks circling them in the snow. Blue jays and cardinals seem even more vivid against the muted browns and grays of the forest. Bright sun has made way for a softer light across the landscape. The pond has designed beautiful geometric patterns out of ice along its rocky edges and the stream is overflowing, rife with small waterfalls, due to the snowmelt and rain. It is almost like the sanctuary was preparing to be photographed this season.

Fields Pond in winter

“It is almost like the sanctuary was preparing to be photographed this season.”



In this Winter Photo contest we are tasking participants with capturing some of these indefinable and captivating moments in nature into just one photo. It is a tall order but we look forward to seeing the natural world in winter through your lens!

It’s free to enter the photo contest and submissions are being accepted online now through 11:59 am on Friday, January 26, 2024. Submissions are limited to one photo and all photos must be submitted digitally as JPGs or PNGs. We also invite you to participate in the contest’s online voting session which will occur for one week between February 3 and February 10. There will also be in-person voting taking place on Saturday, February 10, from 10 am to 1 pm during our WinterFest at Fields Pond Audubon Center!

The winner will be announced after 1 pm on Saturday, February 10. The winning photograph will be framed and featured at the Fields Pond Audubon Center lobby for a year. The winner also receives a bundle of signature Maine Audubon merchandise!

For more information and contest guidelines, and to submit photos, please visit: Submissions are now closed.