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Action Alert: Solar Needs Your Legislator’s Support

The legislature’s Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee has heard from scores of Maine people, including several Maine Audubon supporters, that they support a bill to remove a tax on the solar people use at their own home or business, increase the number of people that can participate in community solar projects, and otherwise eliminate barriers to investing in solar.

The entire legislature will vote on solar very soon and we need all legislators to hear from their constituents.

Please call or email your legislator today and ask that they support moving solar policy forward in Maine.

The Governor’s office and big utility companies are touting confusing, often misleading information unrelated to the bill, and we need your help to set the record straight. Please call or email your legislator today and let them know:

  • That you want them to support advancing solar policy in Maine.
  • That charging solar customers for the energy they produce and use on site, at the expense of all Maine ratepayers, is absurd. This session’s solar bill would fix this.
  • You hope they’ll listen to their constituents and not to big utilities that are guided solely by their own self-interest.

Please contact your legislators today and ask them to do the right thing for Maine’s wildlife and habitat.

If you email your legislator, please let us know. You can add a comment below or email me at We’re working hard to make sure that all Maine Senators and Representatives receive these important messages, and we need your help.

Thank you for doing your part to safeguard Maine’s wildlife and habitat.