Action Alert: Maine’s solar industry is under attack. Please act now!

Help us stop the attack on Maine’s solar industry! Contact your legislators today.

Last week, the Energy Committee voted along political party lines on the solar bill (LD 1649) – Democrats supporting and Republicans against. This was a disappointing partisan vote, especially considering the overwhelming public support shown at the public hearing when 150 Maine people came to the State House.

Maine is already in last place for solar in the region, but Governor LePage and his allies are working to further roll back solar in Maine, put hundreds of existing solar jobs at risk and bring solar development to a halt.


We need your help to double our efforts to urge legislators to support LD 1649 and not let Governor LePage and his Public Utilities Commission weaken Maine’s already lagging solar industry.

Please contact your legislators today.

Phone calls and personalized emails are most effective.
(Find your legislators here)

Here are some talking points:

  • Don’t let Governor LePage and his legislative allies block Maine from getting out of last place on solar. The comprehensive solar bill (LD 1649) has bipartisan support, will save all Mainers money on electric bills and deserves your vote.
  • If we don’t pass this bill, it will jeopardize Maine’s solar future and risk hundreds of solar jobs by putting our solar policy completely in the hands of the LePage-appointed Public Utilities Commission.
  • This bill would lower energy costs for everyone in Maine, create 800 jobs and increase homegrown power in Maine. Maine lags far behind other states in the amount of solar and solar jobs per capita because we are the only state in New England with no solar policy. It is past time to act!
  • The bill is the result of many months of work by a diverse group of stakeholders – from solar installers to the power companies to the Public Advocate. Working together, they crafted a policy that restores Maine’s leadership as an independent, problem-solving state.

Please contact your legislators today and help us stop the attack on Maine’s solar industry. There’s a lot on the line and we need your help more than ever.

Thank you,

JenniferJenn Burns Gray
Maine Audubon Staff Attorney and Advocate
(207) 781-2330 x224



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