A Gift from Madeline!

MadelineLast weekend seven-year-old Madeline visited the Nature Store at Maine Audubon’s Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth. In her tiny mittened hand she held a $120 check she wanted to donate to Maine Audubon. Madeline had made chocolate peanut butter truffles with her dad and then sold them at her family’s Thanksgiving gathering. (I’m told it’s a large family and includes many friends as well!)

Madeline’s dad, Weston, says, “The idea was hers originally. She wanted to do something to help endangered animals in Maine. We brainstormed places she could donate to and came up with Maine Audubon! Madeline has been a camper at Gilsland Farm for two years and we love visiting the sanctuary.”

Madeline’s gift warmed our hearts. We hope that her generosity will inspire you to consider what you’re passionate about and make a year-end donation to an organization whose work you value. At Maine Audubon, there are ample opportunities for you to follow Madeline’s example and help protect endangered wildlife and habitat.

You can:

In this season of thanksgiving, all of us at Maine Audubon send a heartfelt thank you to Madeline and everyone who supports our mission.

Happy Holidays!
Your friends at Maine Audubon