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Land for Maine’s Future

Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) is Maine’s most successful land conservation program, responsible for protecting more than 600,000 acres in the state, including more than 325,000 acres of working farms, forests, and waterfronts, miles and miles of recreational trails, and critical wildlife habitat.

Since 1987, Maine voters have consistently approved bonds to purchase land in fee or easements designed to conserve Maine’s favorite recreational and natural areas. Maine Audubon has also supported LMF from the beginning, recognizing the contributions the program makes to Maine’s natural-resource based economy, the conservation of our wildlife and natural heritage, and the quality of life for Maine people and visitors alike.

The program received a major boost in July 2021 when funding for LMF was included in the state budget (rather than proposed to the voters as a bond), giving this vital program $40M over four years.

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