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Nature Exploration at Scarborough Marsh

Take a Virtual Tour of Scarborough Marsh

This spring, schools were not able to take field trips to Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center. So the center’s director, Maine Audubon educator Linda Woodard, created a virtual field trip with the help of three third-grade students from Wentworth School in Scarborough. Watch as they explore the marsh and discover the wonders of this unique habitat and creatures you can find there.

(If that video is not showing for you, try this Safe YouTube link)

As you watch this video think about what makes the marsh a special place.

A few thoughts:

How is this habitat different than other habitats like a forest?
What plants are here?
What animals are specific to the marsh?
What does the ground feel like under your feet?
When looking at the birds in the marsh, like the egrets, what special things do they have to help them live in this habitat?  Be sure to look at their beaks and feet.

Think about the algae.
It is a mini habitat. What lives in the algae?  Who would eat the animals that live in the algae?

How does the marsh help you?
What does the algae give off that you need?

What if it rains a lot? What can the marsh do to help with flooding?

What could you do to have fun in the marsh?

We are sorry you could not come in person on a field trip but be sure to bring your family to visit the marsh this summer! More information and resources for visiting Scarborough Marsh …

Special thank you to our sponsors, Prouts Neck Association, the Friends of Scarborough Marsh, and Biddeford Savings Bank. Many thanks to Todd LaSalle from Dayspring Productions for help making the video.