Winter Bird Atlas Returns: Count birds this winter

It is almost time for the start of the Winter Season of the Maine Bird Atlas, a project by the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to document the breeding and wintering distributions of Maine’s birds. This five year project has just one breeding season (in 2022) left, and we are about to start the second-to-last winter season. To be successful, we need your help gathering reports of what birds you are seeing around the state.

To get us started this winter, there is going to be a Winter Season Kickoff Event on Thursday, 9 Dec, at 6:30PM. To access the Kickoff Event, here are links to the Facebook Event and Maine Bird Atlas Events Calendar.

If you are brand new to the atlas, check out this Quick Start Guide for Winter Atlasing.

There is also a new issue of the atlas newsletter, which includes an overview of winter atlasing, and goals for this winter season, available here: Black-capped Chickadee Chronicle Issue 9 Winter 2021-22

Winter is a great time to get involved with the Maine Bird Atlas, especially because it is a lot easier than during the breeding season! We only need you to report what species you see, where you are, and when you saw them. And remember, every bird counts. From Black-capped Chickadees at backyard feeders, to Canada Jays following you through the north woods, or Rock Pigeons in the city, we want to know about any species you see in Maine!