Maine Audubon Members and Supporters Say NO! to Changes to the ESA

Many thanks to the hundreds of Maine Audubon members and supporters who submitted comments opposing the Trump Administration’s proposed changes to the rules implementing the Endangered Species Act (ESA)!

Today, we dropped your comments in the mail. They’re on their way to the Department of the Interior and the Department of Commerce, where they’ll become a part of the official public record for three separate rulemakings. Each of these proposed changes undermines the intent of the ESA, and together they represent the biggest regulatory threat to vulnerable species to date.

Your comments speak for themselves:

Eliza prepares to deliver public comments on ESA
Eliza Donoghue prepares to deliver public comments on the ESA to federal agencies.

“Once it’s gone there’s no going back. Protect what’s left!”

“Global warming, environmental pollution and pesticides are taking heavy tolls on wildlife and is steadily threatening many species of our natural world. Nature is under siege! Please DO NOT eliminate or lessen the protection of the Endangered Species Act. To do so will only speed extinction for these vulnerable species, none of which we can afford to loose. Listen to your conscience for their sake and future generations. Wake up, open your eyes and let go of the greed!”

“Please maintain and administer the Endangered Species Act EXACTLY AS IT IS NOW, and exactly as it has worked for all these years.”

We absolutely agree. Today, Maine Audubon also submitted our own comments, detailing precisely the harm the proposed rules would cause.

While the comment period for the proposed rulemaking ends today, this fight isn’t over. Sadly, there are several efforts afoot to weaken the ESA. Maine Audubon is committed to keeping you abreast of these threats and keying you in to opportunities to take action. (Be sure you are receiving our Action Alert emails!)

Thank you for taking action on behalf of Maine’s (and the nation’s!) wildlife and habitat.