Find Your Sanctuary

Sanctuary (noun): a place of refuge. 

One of the top things we can do for ourselves in these stressful times is to go outside (masked and distanced of course). Human beings need to step away from the news, from our daily pressures, and reconnect with nature.  Educator Richard Louv said “Now, more than ever, we need nature as a balancing agent.” The world is off-kilter.

Spending a couple of hours a week outdoors in nature can boost your mood, and lower stress and blood pressure. Being outside encourages exercise, and just 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight helps produce the important Vitamin D. 

As part of January Mental Wellness Month, Maine Audubon encourages you to find your sanctuary. Step away from your screens, and enjoy a walk at one of the seven open properties around the state. We hope you find refuge, respite, and rejuvenation. 

How do you connect with nature?