Last-minute Gifts for the Naturalist in Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you probably still have some gifts to buy for the nature-lovers in your life. Never fear; we’ve got lots of great gifts in stock in the Nature Store at Gilsland Farm. Here are some of my favorites!

Bird feeders

Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to observe wildlife at home during the winter months. We have every different type of bird feeder in stock at the Nature Store, so you can find a feeder to fit any situation. One of my favorites is this 3-Quart Hopper Feeder, which combines seeds and suet on the same feeder. This is a perfect option for small yards or starting a feeding station, since seeds and suet attract different types of birds. 

Bird houses

Winter is the ideal time to install and plan for nest boxes! Adding nest boxes in the yard is a great way to support native bird species, especially in areas that lack the dead, standing trees utilized by cavity nesters. This Nuthatch House mimics a natural tree cavity that nuthatches would normally nest in. We have nest boxes sized for Downy Woodpeckers and Barred Owls, too!

Birds & Beans Coffee
Birds & Beans Coffee

Honey, maple syrup,  and coffee

We offer a great variety of locally made foods and home goods in our Nature Store, including honey made by bees here at Gilsland Farm, and Passamaquoddy maple syrup that is harvested on tribal lands in Maine. We also carry Birds and Beans coffee, which supports the conservation of the tropical winter habitats of our favorite summer nesting species. 


If you’ve got young nature-lovers to shop for this holiday, we’ve got you covered there too! We have puzzles and games, children’s books, clothing, and all sorts of stuffed critters. My favorites are the selection of hand/finger puppets, like this Folkmanis Ladybug Life Cycle Hand Puppet. It can be folded in on itself to simulate various life stages of ladybugs!


We have a great variety of books in stock in the Nature Store, from field guides to children’s books and everything in between. Some of my favorites are the in-between books about natural history and gardening. Winterland by Cathy Rees, is one of those books, which describes a number of ways to design garden spaces for year-round interest. This is a great gift for any gardener who lives in a climate like Maine and could use some inspiration for getting through stick season!

Seed Sowing KitSeed-sowing Kits

Winter is the best time to sow native seeds for spring germination. We have partnered with Wild Seed Project to offer Native Seed Sowing Kits that contain all the tools and seeds necessary to grow native plants at home. I love this gift because it keeps on giving; the recipient will not only learn a new skill, but can enjoy their new native plants throughout the summer. They might even have some extra to share with you! More about Seed Sowing Kits here… 

Happy holidays!