Andy’s note: September marks a time of change

Suddenly, it’s September, the month of the Autumn Equinox. I usually enter September in denial.  Summer in Maine is so fantastic that I’m reluctant to relinquish my grip on it.  Given our wet summer this year, I suspect that I’m not alone.  However, when I look around, I have to admit there are signs all around me–the season’s first school bus, migrating birds, and the buzz of dozens of busy bumblebees in the goldenrod-laden meadows. 

September is a month of transitions and that’s true for Maine Audubon as well. Our camp staff has spent the last few days packing up their supplies after a successful camp season, our naturalists are preparing to host fall migration programs, and stewards are preparing our sanctuaries for the colder months ahead.  

Once I come to terms with the shift in seasons, I can admit just how much I love autumn.  After the rush of the breeding season, August (perhaps except for those crickets) grows quiet.  September brings a surge in my wildlife observations due both to southbound migration and frenetic gathering by those that are preparing to weather another Maine winter.  Layer in great fall foliage, a favorite flannel shirt, a cup of hot cider, and a sprinkling of days that can be surprisingly warm, and summer is relegated to a pleasant memory.  

Join us at Maine Audubon for our engaging fall programs, and simply to enjoy our good natured sanctuaries