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Birdathon – May 23

Birdathon Option 2

How many birds can be spotted in Maine in one day? This month, teams of birders will attempt to answer this question during Maine Audubon’s 24-hour Birdathon fundraiserWill the Gilsland Farm Team, a crew of enthusiastic young birders calling themselves The Sub-Adult Twitchers, rack up a larger bird count than the Scarborough Marsh Team, the experienced Mighty Marsh Muckers?  Last year the Sub-Adult Twitchers fell short by a single species!

Pledge your support for a team — or register a team of your own.  All funds raised support our mission to conserve wildlife and habitat. 

How Beachgoers Can Help Plovers


In late April, the first protected piping plover nests of the season were found in Maine. Last year, 50 plover pairs — the most in the state since 2004 — raised 97 chicks to the age of flight (fledging).

Learn more about The Piping Plover Recovery Project and how to help keep the nesting plover safe.

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The Maine State House in Augusta

What’s happening in the Maine State Legislature?

Stay up to date on the latest news from Augusta! Maine Audubon advocates for bills that further wildlife and habitat conservation in the state. What are our legislative priorities in 2014? Take a look and sign up for Action Alert list to receive up to the minute emails on the latest news from Augusta. Learn more >>

Blandings Turtle - Jonathan Mays

Wildlife Road Watch – Lend a Hand for Science Today!

Join a team of over 2,000 citizen scientists in Maine who lend a hand for wildlife every day. We are looking for volunteers to monitor sections of road for living and dead wildlife. Your observations help our biologists identify ways to reduce wildlife mortality and keep Maine drivers safe. Learn more >>