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Rare Bird Alert: Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Fork-tailed Flycatcher photo by Doug HitchcoxOn Saturday, September 16, Angus King III spotted a very off-course vagrant in the North Meadow at Maine Audubon’s Gilsland Farm: a Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Word got out immediately and we’ve seen a few hundred birders make the trek to see the flycatcher!


September is a pivotal month

Canoe tip in calm Scarborough Marsh watersLike September’s spring counterpart, March, the coming month is one of transitions. It marks the beginning of autumn; it is one of the sunniest months of the Maine year, but it’s also defined by by cool, comfortable nights, the harvest of our bountiful gardens, and making sure our firewood is stacked and ready. Executive Director Andrew Beahm pauses after a busy summer to look forward to the promise of Fall.


Coming soon: A digital overhaul of maineaudubon.org

Screenshot of the website homepageSeptember brings big changes to our website and more. Finding locations, discovering research, and registering for events are all about to become a lot easier… and mobile-friendly!

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