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Yes On 6 – Clean Water & Clean Water Jobs for Maine

UPDATE: On November 4, Mainers overwhelmingly voted to support passage of Question #6, the Clean Water and Clean Water Jobs bond!

Thanks to your support, the $10 million bond that will provide investment in our natural and built infrastructure that provides water-related benefits for communities across Maine.

Stay tuned for more updates in 2015!


Yes On 6 – Clean Water & Clean Water Jobs for Maine: Something all Mainers can agree on.

There are an awful lot of issues dividing Mainers as we head towards the November 4th election.  However, a “Yes on 6” supports clean water and clean water jobs for Maine and has earned the strong backing from Republicans, Democrats, Independents, business leaders, contractors, sportsmen and women, municipal leaders, economic development professionals and environmentalists from every region of the state.  A “Yes on 6” is good for Maine’s economy, good for Maine’s bottom line and good for Maine’s environment. 

A “Yes on 6” Supports Clean Water and Clean Water Jobs in Three Ways

Passed with support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents by a margin of 126-19 in the State House and 30-2 in the State Senate, a “Yes on 6” supports clean water and clean water jobs by allowing a $10 million investment in badly needed infrastructure improvements in communities across Maine. Funds will be split between investments in:

  • Built Infrastructure, $5.4 million to upgrade stream crossings to reconnect habitat for fish and other wildlife
  • Natural Infrastructure, $400k to restore wetlands to provide increased flood mitigation, water quality and wildlife habitat benefits
  • Maine’s Revolving Loan Fund, $4.2 million to secure $21 million in federal funding to upgrade the state’s drinking water systems and wastewater treatment facilities


To learn more go to, or find them on Facebook

Some recent press coverage: WVOMMPBN,WCSH6 & Bangor Daily News.

An Uncommonly Broad Coalition of Mainers Support A “Yes on 6” Vote

  •  Associated General Contractors of Maine
  • Maine State Chamber of Commerce
  • Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine
  • Northern Maine Development Commission
  • Maine Rural Water Association
  • Maine Municipal Association
  • Maine Water Utilities Association
  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Maine
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Mayors Coalition on Jobs and Econ. Development
  • Maine Lakes Society
  • Maine Rivers
  • Maine Audubon
  • Environmental Priorities Coalition
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • GrowSmart Maine
  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Maine Coast Heritage Trust
  • Androscoggin Land Trust
  • Bangor Land Trust
  • Southern Maine Regional Water Council
  • Maine Water Environment Association
  • Kennebec Estuary Land Trust
  • York Land Trust, and others