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Piping Plovers & Sand Dune Protections

Adult Piping Plover - Eric Hynes

Adult Piping Plover – Eric Hynes

Update: Fall 2013

LD 1102: An Act Regarding Reconstruction of Residential Structures on Sand Dunes  LD 1102 received strong support from the House and Senate and passed as an emergency measure. This bill repeals a rule adopted by the Department of Environmental Protection last summer that created a significant loophole in sand dune protections. Of the approximately 3,500 miles of coastal shore in Maine, less than 75 miles can be characterized as sandy beach. This rare habitat type is home for a diverse group of migratory shorebirds, including endangered piping plovers and least terns. Piping plovers have continued to undergo habitat stress this year, with a fledging plover killed by a loose dog at Pine Point in Scarborough.