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Land for Maine’s Future

Land for Maine’s Future helps conserve working farms, productive forestland, commercial waterfronts, recreational areas and valuable wildlife habitat that are the heartbeat of Maine’s natural resource-based economy. For more than two decades, the highly successful Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Program has provided critical funding to protect forestlands, shorelines, working farms and waterfronts, salt marshes, mountain summits and other treasures of Maine’s natural heritage for generations to come.

clammer land for maine's futureThe LMF Bond creates opportunities to:

  • Ensure public access to lands and waters
  • Invest in working farmland
  • Provide commercial fishermen access to waterfronts 
  • Support Maine’s forest products industry by conserving working forest lands
  • Prevent the loss and degradation of deer wintering habitat
  • Build new, and upgrade existing, recreational trails
  • Enhance Maine’s fish and wildlife for future generations

The Land for Maine’s Future program has an outstanding record of success at conserving Maine’s natural resources. Supporting it on November 6th will allow Maine to continue this record:

  • LMF has guaranteed public access to hundreds of thousands of acres and dozens of water bodies.
  • The Land for Maine’s Future program has conserved lands in each of Maine’s 16 counties.
  • LMF provides an economic boost by conserving working farms and forestlands.
  • LMF has conserved 23 important commercial waterfront access properties that span the coast, providing access for more than 510 fishing boats.
  • LMF has secured mountain summits, rivers, lakes, ponds, and coastal shorelines.
  • LMF addresses the diverse interests of Maine residents – those who fish, hike, farm, raft, bike, boat, hunt, snowmobile, and camp – in short, all who value the rich natural heritage that is Maine.

Land for Maine’s Future program has a history of broad, bi-partisan support

  • Every $1 invested in land conservation through LMF returns an astonishing $11 in natural goods and services to the Maine economy.
  • LMF is one of the state’s most popular programs. Voters overwhelmingly passed bonds in 1987, 1999, 2005, 2007, and 2010.