Solar Petition to PUC – June 2016

Help defend solar power by adding your name to this petition to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) requesting the PUC not to make any changes to net metering. To sign on, please contact Jenn Burns Gray at [email protected] or 207-798-2900.

Solar Petition to PUC: Don’t Mess with Net Metering!

The Maine PUC’s “Value of Solar Study” demonstrates that net-metered solar power provides benefits to all ratepayers. The PUC must not ignore the clear evidence of the benefits of solar.

To treat solar customers fairly, save ratepayers money, maintain customer choice, and protect hundreds of existing jobs, we urge the PUC not to make changes to net metering rules. The review of net metering should be limited and allow the legislative effort to adopt a solar policy to move forward.

In the words of Representative Nathan Wadsworth, ranking Republican on Maine’s Energy & Utilities Committee: “We should instruct the Public Utilities Commission to stay the course on net metering; [and] protect existing solar customers, installers and the 400 jobs tied to the solar industry” (March 14, 2016)