Gilsland Farm Facility Rental

Hold your wedding, next meeting, or special event at Gilsland Farm Audubon Center where the beautiful, peaceful grounds and great facilities help make it a special day.

For further information or to schedule an event, please contact Carroll Tiernan – 207-781-2330, ext.210.

Amenities Available

Center facilities available for public rental include:

  • The L.L. Bean Great Room in the Environmental Center. Measuring 30 x 50 feet, this room can accommodate a maximum of 125 people. The room can be divided into three separate rooms, each of which can seat up to 30 people
  • 120 Chairs and six 6-foot tables and six 8 foot tables
  • A small kitchen with stove, microwave, and refrigerator
  • The entire building, including two restrooms, are handicap accessible
  • Adjoining the building outside large sliding doors is a 25 x 60 foot stone patio
  • In the adjacent orchard there is enough space to erect a 40 x 80 foot tent
  • A staff member will be on the premises during rentals to answer questions and assist with any emergency situations

2016 Rates

Business Hours:
  • The Great Hall is available for half-day increments at the rate of $200 per half day. (Two rooms only, third room is additional $100)
  • Grounds-only rental is $300.
  • No alcohol is served on-site until after 5pm.
After-Hours Social Functions:
  • The facilities are available for social function rentals only after 5pm.
  • Environmental Center use only (ground floor only): $2000.
  • The Environmental Center and Orchard: $3000. (Ceremonies may be held anywhere on the grounds; receptions are limited to the orchard adjacent to the Environmental Center)

*Renters must remember that the grounds and remainder of the building are open to the public from dawn to dusk every day, including during rentals.

Conditions and Terms

  • Political Events: We are unable to accommodate rentals for partisan political events.
  • Fund Raisers/Use of Name: Maine Audubon’s name may not be used in any way to publicize such meetings or in any way that would infer Maine Audubon’s support. These events must be by invitation only and closed to the general public.
  • Payment: Full payment is required at the time of a rental. For social functions, renters must also present a signed contract and insurance liability form.
  • Cancellations: It is important to let us know if a function has been cancelled as arrangements are made to have a staff member available to cover the building. A cancellation fee equal to 25 percent of the total rent is held on all reservations canceled more than two weeks prior to your scheduled reservation. A 50-percent cancellation fee is held on all reservations cancelled less than two weeks from the event. No refund is given for cancellations received within 5 or less working days from your scheduled reservation.
  • Set-up: For all events and social functions, renters/caterers are responsible for set up and break down. Maine Audubon will try to accommodate renters with space for storage of rental equipment and extra time for set up, however this must be arranged ahead of time so as not to interfere with other programs and other renters.
  • Requirements: The site must be left in a neat and orderly fashion because the premises are open to the public the following day starting at dawn. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Damages: The renter assumes all financial responsibility for damages or loss to Maine Audubon and for any personal injury which may occur during or as a result of use of the property. Careful consideration must be given to equipment and furnishings. Refund of the security deposit depends on the condition of the premises following a rental. The property manager will check the site within 48 hours of an event before releasing a deposit.
  • Liquor Regulations: If alcohol is to be served, the renter must contract with a Maine state licensed bartending service. Maine Audubon reserves the right to remove (or have removed) intoxicated parties at the renters’ cost.
  • Trash: Trash and leftovers are the responsibility of the renter. Trash must be removed from the building and taken from the premises or placed in the dumpster to the right of the barn. This should be part of the renter’s contract with the caterers.
  • Smoking: Maine Audubon’s buildings are smoke-free. Smoking is permitted on the premises outside of buildings. Renters are responsible for providing receptacles for smokers to use.
  • Parking: Parking areas on the property are designed for pedestrian safety and to allow easy passage of emergency vehicles. Please observe parking signs.
  • Telephone: A telephone is available for emergency use and for local outgoing calls.