Stream Explorers for Educators

Join us for Year 3 of Steam Explorers and a new addition to the program!

Maine Audubon, the Department of Environmental Protection, and partners have teamed up to recruit educators who can help their students survey large aquatic insects (macroinvertebrates) to evaluate stream health.

To participate, educators should watch the online training session focuses on how to help your students find and identify “Least Wanted and Most Wanted” aquatic insects that are indicators of stream health. We go over materials developed specifically for educators and students by DEP and partner organizations and provide logistical information on how the program works. Data collected through this program is submitted to DEP and acts as a screening tool; the data is tremendously valuable for prioritizing where to focus DEP’s more in-depth surveys.

Recorded training for educators – WATCH HERE

Additional resources for the classroom:

Portland Water District Education Google Drive– Benthic Bugs and Bio assessment Lesson (and many other water-related lesson plans!)

Lakes Environmental Association – Macroinvertebrates in the Watershed lesson plan: Lesson plan includes links to presentations, activities and worksheets (Grade levels: 4-8) – “Handouts, worksheets and activities for educators, teachers and trainers to support aquatic macroinvertebrate identification, engagement and learning!” (Grade level: All)

Allegheny College – Creek Connections: Lesson plans, activities, quizzes (Grade level: All)

Stream Selfie – Goal: Map streams across the country and start testing the waters. Task: Simply snap a pic of your local stream and share it!

Aquatic WILD – Aquatic WILD uses the simple, successful format of Project WILD activities and professional training workshops but with an emphasis on aquatic wildlife and aquatic ecology.

Email to learn about workshops.

Stroud Water Research Center – Explore their video library of aquatic macroinvertebrates wriggling, swimming, and crawling through stream water!

Next steps

If you would like to check out a kit of materials or if you have questions about the program, please email

Additionally, if you need support for your classroom or have questions about using Stream Explorers as part of your lesson plan, please get in touch with Scarborough Marsh Director and Educator, Linda Woodard ( or David Lamon, Fields Pond Manager, (