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Results of the 2017 Loon Count

On the third Saturday of every July since 1984, over a thousand volunteers have ventured out on lakes and ponds across the state to search for, and count, Common Loons. Last July 15, 1,377 people participated in the 34th annual Maine Audubon Loon Count, once again providing reliable survey data that …

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The Annual Loon Count

Will you join us? On the morning of the third Saturday of July each year, more than 1,600 volunteers venture onto lakes and ponds across the state to count loons. The observations recorded by our community scientist volunteers provide an excellent “snapshot” of Maine's loon population. The …

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Ten Questions for Our Seasonal Loon Biologists 

What’s it like to work with loons in the field? For the spring and summer of 2022, two seasonal biologists, Earl Johnson and Jill Marianacci, have been working with Maine Audubon on the Loon Restoration Project, doing everything from building artificial nests for loons that struggle to hatch chicks, …

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