Takings Update

Yesterday, Senator Hastings moved to indefinitely postpone LD 1810, the takings bill.  There was no recorded vote.  He made comments after his motion indicating that he didn’t want either the majority or minority report to go forward because he wanted there to be a “clean slate” next year.  The House agreed with the Senate last night.  So, the fantastic news is that the takings bill is dead due to the hard work of many including strong public opposition.  We particularly thank Senators Saviello, McCormick, Katz and Rector for stopping this bill in the Senate.  We expect that there will be a new proposal next year.  Thanks also to the House Republicans who voted against the minority report in April:  Representatives Michael Beaulieu, David Richardson, Meredith Strang Burgess, Dennis Keschl, and Brad Moulton.