Rare Bird Alert April 9 – 15

Area: State of Maine
Compilers: Doug Hitchcox

Top Species Mentioned:

  • Greater White-fronted Goose
  • Cackling Goose
  • Eurasian Wigeon
  • Redhead
  • White-faced Ibis
  • Laughing Gull
  • Red-headed Woodpecker
  • Lark Sparrow
  • Harris’s Sparrow
  • Dickcissel

Greater Portland

On the 9th, an adult male DICKCISSEL was found at the Scarborough River
Wildlife Sanctuary close to the parking area on the Route 9 side.

An apparent first-spring WHITE-FACED IBIS was found in the salt pannes on
the west side of the north end of the Eastern Road Trail through the
Scarborough Marsh on the 13th.

The hawkwatch at Bradbury Mountain continues to see good numbers of raptors
moving through, highlighted this week by a huge movement of 615 raptors on
the 15th including 292 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS and 114 AMERICAN KESTRELS.

Kennebec River Valley (Augusta-Waterville)

An adult LAUGHING GULL was spotted in the pastures northeast of the
intersection of Route 23 and Routes 104/139 in Fairfield on April 9th.


A HARRIS¹S SPARROW continues to come to feeders on Monhegan Island
throughout this week.

On the 14th a CACKLING GOOSE was reported from Green Point WMA in Dresden.

The RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continued at Cushing Cemetery on the west side of
N Pond Road in Warren this week.

Penobscot Bay

The Rockland LARK SPARROW continues to be seen from the small gravel parking
area at the junction of South and Mechanic Streets.

Central Maine

On the 13th, a drake EURASIAN WIGEON and two BARROW¹S GOLDENEYE were found
at the Pittsfield Water Treatment Ponds.

A VESPER SPARROW was found along Taylor Road in Orono on the 15th.


The GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at Gaddis Pool in East Machias was relocated
on the 9th.

Northern Maine

A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE continued at Collins Pond in Caribou on the

A drake REDHEAD was found in the wetlands near Lake Josephine on the 10th.