Presumpscot School Collaboration Produces Local Bird Guide


Portland Maine Presumpscot School kindergarten classes spent the school year learning about Maine birds. Their work culminated in an event on May 24 at Maine Audubon where they showcased their work and answered questions about the project.

Maine Audubon director Ted Koffman presented certificates to both participating classes acknowledging their year-long efforts in learning about Maine birds. The class will reciprocate by contributing a field guide on birds which will be on display in the Discovery Room at Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth, Maine.

These children, and their works, are an example of what can occur in our school collaborations with highly motivated teachers. This kind of work can inspire lifelong interests and impart knowledge that may aid the student in decisions about our wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Maine Audubon thanks everyone involved at the Presumpscot School to celebrate a year of hard work! It is a privilege to have your field guide in our Discovery Room for other future naturalists to learn from.