Common Reed 1 by Whitney River

Artist Reception: Whitney River

Please join us for a reception with artist Whitney River, 2-4 pm.  Her exhibition “The Horizons” will be on view in the gallery from April 13-June 20.

About the work

The way I approach watercolor is completely different from the rest of my work. My oil and my graphite compositions are highly detailed and controlled, painted and drawn from observation. The Horizons, however, are internal explorations of space and memories, not intended to depict a particular place, but rather the feeling I get from staring out at the horizon, whether it be a lake, the open ocean, or a snowy field edged in woods. In this way, my watercolors are an exploration as endless as the horizon itself. The format seems so simple: a line, a space above the line and a space below the line (a metaphor for the conscious and subconscious?); yet the variations are limitless, as I change palette, dimensions, ratios, layers, lines, brush strokes. The same favorite view, after all, changes with the time of day, the weather, the seasons, just as our associations with our view may change with our moods.

I present the Horizons as an expanse for you to explore, both internally and externally, just as when I stand at the ocean’s edge I feel simultaneously introspective and connected to something so much larger than myself to be explored.


Apr 30 2023


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Gilsland Farm - Falmouth
20 Gilsland Farm Road, Falmouth, ME 04105