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Big Night Week

Big Night Week

It’s a week of programs and activities around reptiles and amphibians! All the programs are free and online; advance registration is required.

Tuesday, April 6, 4 pm: Roads, Rain, and a Couple Thousand Amphibians – Call it a Big Night! Big nights are fascinating and unique natural events that occur every spring. With spring rain and warming temperatures, frogs and salamanders move to their breeding grounds by the truckload. However, these miniature migrations often put them in harm’s way on roads. Greg LeClair will talk about how we can assist and protect these populations.

Tuesday, April 6, 6 pm: Family Trivia! Why did the salamander cross the road? What is an eft? How many species of frogs are in Maine? Put your knowledge to the test! These Zoom trivia sessions are designed to be fun, interactive, and only as competitive as you want them to be. Keep track at home and try for a high score or just follow along. Either way, you’ll learn something new!

Wednesday, April 7, 7 pm: Maine Turtle Roadkill Project: From one side to the other. Learn about our 3-year project involving community scientists to gather road mortality data, what we’ve learned, and how we can help turtles stay safe! NOTE:  This event has had to be postponed until summer; check back again or email for details. 

Thursday, April 8, 4 pm: Reptiles & Amphibians On The Move co-hosted with Center For Wildlife. Join executive director Kristen Lamb and medical director Shelley Spanswick, as well as some of their live animal ambassadors, as we discuss reptiles, amphibians, and spring in Maine.




Apr 06 - 08 2021


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