Action Alert

Crunch Time for the Legislative Session

Things have been really busy and most issues are still percolating but here's a snapshot of where things stand. Land Use Regulation Commission (LD 1798): The Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF) Committee has held three work sessions and yesterday voted on an amended LD 1798.  The vote, …

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Help Support the North Woods!

We need your help! Please contact your legislators  today and urge them to support the Minority Report for LD 1798! A vote could be possible for early next week, and your legislators need to hear that allowing county commissioners to nominate themselves and simultaneously serve on the LUPC Board is …

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Help us stop LD 1826!

Since 1983, the Maine Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund has been supporting important programs that protect Maine's threatened, endangered and nongame wildlife. Voluntary contributions made via the "chickadee check-off" and loon license plate registration fees have been essential to the …

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