School and Community Programs

Engage your students in wildlife education in the classroom!

Reiche Students at GF WEBSpecializing in K-5 programs for schools and community groups, our educators deliver a variety of programs in classrooms and guide class trips to local nature sanctuaries.

We will work with you to design and deliver customized programming/curriculum.

Together, we can adapt our signature programs, citizen science field studies or service learning projects to enrich your current units of study and explore additional best practices for your students and learning community.

Programs options include:

  • Secrets of the Forest — the ecology of the plants and animals of the Maine forest
  • Nature in Winter — how Maine wildlife adapt to snow and cold
  • Wetlands — the pond, salt marsh or ocean as ecosystems
  • Interdependence — the balance of nature
  • Cycles and Change — the patterns of living systems: water, seasons, life cycles
  • Adaptations — plant and animal ingredients for survival
  • Land Use — cultural and historical impacts or uses of the land

Maine Audubon programs are particularily relevant for schools and classrooms practicing/seeking:

  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Experiential/expeditionary learning
  • Real world STEM and citizen science
  • Lessons integrated with technology
  • Service learning and community engagement

Program prices start at $50. We work to provide the support you can afford.

asian boyWEBFor more information or to schedule, contact:

Karen Arno, Lead Educator, Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, Falmouth
[email protected] or (207) 781-2330 x 211


Cyndi Kuhn, Lead Educator, Fields Pond Audubon Center, Greater Bangor
[email protected] or (207) 989-2591


Linda Woodard, Director Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center
[email protected] (207)781–2330 ext 213