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Action Alert! Speak Out Against the Governor’s Proposal to Tax Nonprofits

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
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Maine Audubon Action Alert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease speak out against the Governor’s proposal to tax nonprofit organizations.

The Appropriations and Financials Affairs Committee, together with the Taxation Committee, is holding a public hearing on the proposal require nonprofits to pay property tax.

Thursday, February 19, 1:00 pm

Room 228 of the State House, Augusta

Why we need you to take action:

The Governor has proposed requiring tax districts impose a property tax on nonprofits who hold $500,000 or more in property tax assessment in a tax district.The assessed value over $500,000 would be taxed at half the local rate. There is another bill to reduce the trigger amount to $250,000.

Please attend the hearing on February 19 at 1:00 pm and testify against the proposal or contact your local legislators to share your concerns.

Talking Points to Share with your Legislator:

Nonprofits Enhance Our Communities

  • Places to hunt, hike, fish, snowmobile, play
  • Outdoor classrooms for the next generation
  • Preserving clean lakes, rivers, drinking water and healthy ecosystems
  • Protecting our heritage and historic places
  • Supporting health and wellness programs: exercise and healthy foods

Nonprofits Strengthen Our Economy

  • Access for commercial fishing
  • Conservation of working forests
  • Supports local farmers and healthy foods
  • Special places that attract tourists (raising more tax dollars from tourists is a key component of the Governor’s proposed shift from income to sales taxes).

Taxing Non-profits Will Result in Fewer Services From Fewer Conserved Lands

  • Providing public benefits like conserved land and community services costs money
  • Many land trusts already stretch existing dollars to maximize impact

The Proposal Is Not Right for Conservation Organization or for any Nonprofit

  • Land trusts and other conservation nonprofits require minimal government services
  • Services provided by land trusts and other nonprofits reduce burden on the government
  • As governments downsize, the need for nonprofits increases

Please attend the hearing on Thursday, February 19 at 1:00 pm and testify in opposition to the proposal or contact your local legislator to share your concerns.

For more information, please contact: 

JenniferJenn Burns Gray

Maine Audubon Staff Attorney and Advocate

[email protected]

(207) 781-2330 x224