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A “Yes on 6″ vote supports stream connectivity in Maine

Friday, October 17th, 2014
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On November 4, Mainers will have the opportunity to support the Clean Water and Clean Water Jobs bond, Question 6 on the ballot.  We are urging our members and supporters to vote in favor of this important measure, a $10 million bond that will provide investment in our natural and built infrastructure that provides water-related benefits for communities across Maine.

Yes On 6 – Clean Water & Clean Water Jobs for Maine: Something all Mainers can agree on.


A “Yes on 6″ vote supports stream connectivity, which is critically important to maintaining healthy fish and wildlife populations. With good stream connectivity, fish are free to move upstream or downstream, from the smallest stream to lakes and the ocean.

Free movement allows fish to find the appropriate water type and temperature to spawn, grow and stay healthy throughout their life cycles. And, healthy fish populations also support the health of other wildlife in the ecosystem.

Today, much of our water infrastructure, including the culverts that allow streams to pass under roads, were put in place during theWorld War II era or even earlier! As a result, these old, undersized culverts end up getting blocked and cut off fish and wildlife habitats into separate, isolated islands.

Yes on 6 vote invests $5.4 million to upgrade stream crossings to reconnect habitat for fish and other wildlife in communities across Maine.

Many of these culvert replacements will support healthy fish populations that are critical for ensuring the recreation and tourism economies in our state.

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Please vote Yes on 6!


For more information, contact: Jenn Burns Gray, Maine Audubon, (207) 781-2330, ext. 224, or[email protected].