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Out in the Field: Carol Gestwicki, Loon Counter for 30 Years

Carol Photo 2Location: Five Kezar Ponds, White Mountains Foothills

Years participating in loon count: 30

Why did you choose to become a Maine Audubon loon counter?

We have always loved our loon family! We have had loons on the lake since the horsepower restriction of motorboats was reduced (10 HP) – that was in 1974.

What do you hope your volunteer work will accomplish?

I hope that our dedication to the loons will add to the statewide knowledge base so that loons will continue to flourish in Maine.

What has been your favorite moment as a loon counter?

I think all the surprises – the loons keep us on our toes! Some years we think their nest has been flooded because of the high water levels, but then one morning we will see a whole family swimming along. Loons are tough.

Carol Photo 1

What’s your favorite place in Maine?

Absolutely the Five Kezar Ponds. It is a very special place where my family and I have been fortunate enough to spend more than 40 summers.

Anything else you want to share?

Let’s all keep up the good work – when we work to protect the loons, we also protect the lakes and ponds, the mountains and our entire state – being aware makes all the difference.