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Trip Report: Members Walk at Deer Foot Farm

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
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On Saturday, Gary Roberts, Registered Maine Guide, longtime Maine Audubon volunteer, and co-owner of Deer Foot Farm in Appleton, led a small group of Maine Audubon members on a walk around his farm.  He began by recounting the history of the farm and the surrounding area, then describing the plans for the farm which include a forestry plan, farm store, and trails that will be open to the public.

As we began our very chilly walk, we crossed a hay field to the forest leading down to Sennebec Lake.  Within minutes, we were looking at a pair of porcupines sunning themselves in their lofty tree home and listening to a pair of loons calling out on the lake.  Gary led us along the lake and up through a blueberry barren to the upper part of the farm, where he took us to a large tree housing an active wild bee hive.  From there we continued along a stone wall back to the farm and a nice lunch at a local café.

Gary and his wife intend to build walking trails throughout their property for public use and Maine Audubon will be sure to return!