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Listen: Susan Gallo, Wildlife Biologist on MPBN Maine Calling about Citizen Science

Monday, February 4th, 2013
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Tuesday, Feb 5, 12:15-1pm

Susan Gallo, Maine Audubon Wildlife Biologist, will participate in this episode of Maine Calling,  the topic will be citizen science. Learn why we rely on citizen scientists in the field, across the state, to complete annual observations of amphibian, bat, loon, and trout populations, as well as road-side and road-killed wildlife.

MPBN archives their shows! Listen to the show here »

Tune in, or call-in to learn more about how volunteers make our work possible! Email [email protected], tweet @mainecalling, post a message on Facebook or call when the show is live: 1-800-399-3566

We spoke about the importance and value citizen scientists bring to our conservation work in an earlier post.

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