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Support Proposed Rules to Protect Our Native Brook Trout

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
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Brook trout being measured in the field...Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has proposed changes to its fishing regulations to ban the use of live bait on 16 lakes in northern Maine.

Maine is home to 97% of the intact wild brook trout lake and pond habitat in the eastern U.S.  Brook trout are important to Maine and the nation’s ecological and sporting heritage and are also a valuable recreational and economic state resource.

This population is at risk.  The quality and abundance of the fishery has declined.  The biggest threat to the resource is the introduction of competing fish species into the trout’s fragile ecosystem.

The use of live bait can introduce new fish species to wild brook trout waters that can complete with local brook trout and put the population at risk. The proposed rule changes are intended to protect important headwaters that feed watersheds containing many of the state’s wild brook trout populations.

Please attend one of the hearings and submit comments in support of the proposed changes.
Public Hearing information

  • Monday, Oct. 22 at 6:30 pm, Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center, 116 Main St., Presque Isle
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 6:30 pm, Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Clubhouse, Millinocket Lake Rd., Millinocket
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 6:30 pm, City of Ellsworth, Council Chambers, 1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth
  • Thursday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 pm, Brunswick High School, Multi-Purpose Room, 116 Maquoit Rd., Brunswick

Written Comments are due November 15 and should be sent to:
Becky OrffInland Fisheries and Wildlife, 284 State St., 41 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0041
[email protected]

Proposed waterbodies that would be subject to the ban

  • First (Billings) Pond, Blue Hill (Hancock Co.)
  • Round Pond and outlet, T10 SD (Hancock Co.)
  • Fish Pond (Little), Hobel Twp. (Somerset Co.)
  • Twin Island Pond, Lowelltown Twp. (Franklin Co.)
  • Mountain Catcher Pond, T06 R08 WELS (Penobscot Co.)
  • Webster Lake, T06 R10 and T06 R11 WELS (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Carr Pond, T13 R08 WELS (Aroostook Co.)
  • Chandler Lake, T9 R8 WELS (Aroostook Co.)
  • Chase Lake, T09 R10 WELS (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Fish River Lake, T13 & 14 R08 WELS (Aroostook Co.)
  • Millimagasset Lake, T7 R8 WELS (Penobscot Co.)
  • Millinocket Lake and Little Millinocket Lake, T07 R9, T8 R9, T7 R10 WELS (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Munsungan Lake (including Little), T08 R9, T8 R10, T9 R10 WELS (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Portland Lake, Bridgewater Twp. (Aroostook Co.)
  • St. Croix Lake, T7 & 8 R4 (Aroostook Co.)
  • Wheelock Lake, St. John Plt. (Aroostook Co.)