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Takings Update

Monday, April 30th, 2012
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The Legislature adjourned until May 15 without voting on the Takings bill, LD 1810.  We are still urging lawmakers to oppose the minority report and support the majority report on LD 1810.  Below is where we think the senators stand on the minority report.  Please thank those who oppose the minority report and urge those who support it to change their mind.  If the Senate accepts the minority report, it goes back to the House for another vote.  Go here for more information.  To find your senator’s contact info, go here.

Oppose:  Alfond, Bartlett, Brannigan, Dill, Craven, Diamond, Gerzofsky, Goodall, Hill, Hobbins, Jackson, Johnson, Katz, McCormick, Patrick, Rector, Saviello, Schneider, Sullivan, Woodbury

Support:  Collins, Courtney, Farnham, Hastings, Langley, Martin, Mason, Plowman, Raye, Rosen, Sherman, Snowe-Mello, Thibodeau, Thomas, Whittemore