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MAMP alert: Interior routes watch for warmer temps.

Friday, April 6th, 2012
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Hi MAMPers.  A couple quick things…

Southern Maine routes should be wrapped up by now.  It was a crazy and short window!  Stand by for the second run…

Interior routes should be watching for warmer temperatures (though none in the forecast) sometime next week. You might want to do your route as early in the evening as you can and hope for temps. to not dip below 42 degrees (technically the lowest temp. you should have on your survey route, though this year you just might not be able to swing it!)  Wood frogs seen and heard (and eggs laid) in/around Orono, but still no action up in Machias.

Thanks to all who took the frog quiz!  Have a good weekend!  Susan

P.S. Dick Brown had raised the question of how we should communicate as a large group…the multiple group e-mails may not work for some and they can certainly clutter up the inbox.  With our new web capabilities at Maine Audubon, we decided to try posting the alerts to a consistent page at From there, you can reply on-line, people can read and respond to your replies, etc.  It is a public forum so others may see the alerts (and may also post replies…), we’ll have to see how it goes.  Our tech wizard Robert may have some other solutions later in the season.  Right now he is buried trying to clean up and revamp our site.  Give it a try and we’ll see how it works!  Feedback always welcome!