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Earth Day Reminders & Celebrations

Friday, April 13th, 2012
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Fish & Wildlife Service employee photo - Rachel Carson

50 Years After “Silent Spring”– Rachel Carson’s landmark book sounded the alarm to an unsuspecting public about the dangers of DDT and other persistent chemicals in our environment. Join us for a discussion by a panel of experts sharing perspectives on progress made since 1962 and continuing threats to our wildlife and humans from toxic chemicals in our environment.
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Clean up at Scarborough Marsh

Scarborough Marsh Earth Day Clean Up – Spring is here and it is time to clean up the marsh, beaches, the Nature Center, and the grounds for the new season.
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Songs & Stories for a Small Planet, a rollicking performance by “Stand-Up Chameleon” Jackson Gillman. Laugh and learn about our connection to the natural world through participatory songs and movement, and Jackson’s uncanny insect impersonations and rib-tickling stories.
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