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Help us defeat the radical “Takings” bill!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
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Hi folks!

Adopting a radical “takings” law would be devastating for Maine.  It would cost state taxpayers millions of dollars, pit neighbors against each other and benefit special corporate interests.  This law would also block future laws from protecting Maine’s clean air, land and water that are necessary for our wildlife.

The good news is that a majority of the Judiciary Committee, legislators from all parties, defeated the original version of LD 1810 by a vote of 8-5.  Unfortunately, we understand that some legislators will attempt to overturn this Committee vote when the bill reaches the House and Senate floors in the coming days.

We need your help to ensure this bad bill (LD 1810) gets defeated and that a compromise is adopted between all parties!  Please contact your legislators today and urge them to do two things – 1. Support the Majority Report for LD 1810, and 2. Oppose the Minority Report.  The vote could happen any day, so please contact them today!

The Majority Report for LD 1810, which was created by Representatives Brad Moulton (R-Cape Neddick) and Charlie Priest (D-Brunswick), has garnered support from legislators on all sides of the aisle.  This amendment creates a legislative committee that will regularly examine the potential impacts of land use laws on Maine landowners and will initiate legislative solutions as needed. (Additional talking points can be found here.)

The Minority Report, on the other hand, represents a completely untested proposal, unlike anything enacted in the entire nation.  This report includes a vast number of legal complexities and vague provisions that are guaranteed to have unintended budgetary and environmental consequences.

“Takings” schemes, such as the LD 1810 Minority Report, create incentives for property owners to form highly speculative development plans for projects they had never actually thought of pursuing.  The greatest beneficiaries of this kind of legislation are corporations and attorneys who pursue such cases, no matter how groundless.  Those who have most to lose are Maine taxpayers, the environment and our wildlife.

We need your help to defeat the Minority Report for LD 1810.  Please contact your legislators today and urge them to support the Majority Report!

Thank you for your activism!