Audubon & You

“Nature in good hands” could be the underlying theme of much, if not all, that Maine Audubon strives to accomplish with the help of members, volunteers, and supporters.

Education. Conservation. Action.

Maine Audubon is the only organization that works to conserve Maine’s wildlife in three ways: providing hands-on environmental education for people of all ages, conducting research and wildlife conservation projects statewide and taking action to help shape effective science-based conservation policy.

You can help us make a lasting difference to Maine’s woods, waters, and wildlife. Contact us today.

Join Maine Audubon

Our political clout as well as the largest single source of our financial support, rests firmly on the shoulders of our members. We invite you to become more involved in our statewide conservation, advocacy, and education efforts. Join us and become part of the solution!

Support Maine Audubon

With your help, Maine Audubon will keep our wildlife sanctuaries and education centers open, while continuing to offer top-caliber nature programs. Your support also will help us influence policies in Maine to protect wildlife. Right now, we’re helping Maine hold the line on protecting shorebird habitat and defend wildlife in the Moosehead region that’s threatened by a massive proposal for rezoning and development. We simply can’t do it without your help.

Take Action

Maine Audubon brings conservation home, working with members and others to advocate for wildlife conservation practices across the state. Our effectiveness in promoting sound conservation policy in Maine is enormously enhanced by grassroots activists. Lend your voice for Maine’s woods, waters, and wildlife.

Explore Maine Nature

Maine’s coast, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers are habitat for wildlife and unmatched natural resources for recreation and economic opportunity. They’re the pride of those who live here and inspiration for visitors from around the world. Make a date with nature!

Volunteer Your Talents

More than 2,000 people volunteer for Maine Audubon annually, monitoring wildlife populations, caring for our sanctuaries, leading programs and field trips and advocating for policies that promote wildlife conservation. You can, too!

Intern or Work With Us

The staff at Maine Audubon represents a diversity of professional orientations including scientific, legal, environmental education, development, and business management. Year-round staff are supplemented by seasonal staff, particularly in the summer. Maine Audubon also welcomes inquiries from students in all phases or levels of study. Contact us today.