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Forest, Farm and Fish Bond

For more than two decades, the highly successful Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Program has provided critical funding to protect forestlands, shorelines, working farms and waterfronts, salt marshes, mountain summits and other treasures of Maine’s natural heritage for generations to come. But now the program has no money for future land purchases.

LD 852 proposes a Forest, Farm and Fish Bond to refund the Land for Maine’s Future program and to provide important infrastructure dollars for our natural resource based industries. It also provides bond funding for parks. This bill supports Maine’s natural resource-based economy, which are what set Maine apart from other areas and are our biggest competitive advantage. Preserving and protecting these resources is at the very heart of our economy and our quality of life and is a value shared by families and businesses across the state. LD 852 helps protect working farms, working forests, and working waterfronts that are the backbone of Maine’s economy and might otherwise be lost. This bond bill will provide essential infrastructure to help preserve Maine’s unique character, support ecotourism, and keep Maine an attractive place for new and growing businesses.

The Legislature has not yet made a decision as to whether it will propose a bond package for the voters’ approval.

To read more about LMF’s accomplishments, please view the LMF fact sheet created by the Maine Environmental Priorities Coalition.