Legislative Advocacy

Jenn Burns Gray, Staff Advocate and Attorney

Maine’s legislative season has begun and it’s game time for Maine wildlife. What happens in Augusta is even more important this year as we work to protect Maine’s wildlife against climate change impacts.

There are numerous opportunities to work together to make improvements to existing protections for wildlife and habitat and to issue bonds to make critical infrastructure investments that benefit wildlife and Maine’s economy. However, we must remain vigilant against efforts to take Maine in the wrong direction.

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2015 Legislative Priorities:

Protect Maine Lakes

Ensure that Maine's $3.5 billion lake legacy - quality of life, drinking water sources and freshwater habitat - endures to benefit future generations.

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Endangered Species

Protecting wildlife from extinction is vital to maintaining maine's biodiversity and the economic opportunities Maine's environment provides.

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Open Pit Mining in Maine

Open-pit mining in Maine could result in arsenic, lead, and other toxic chemicals contaminating lakes, rivers, streams, and soils as it has done in other states.

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Conservation Funding

To protect and conserve Maine's wildlife and habitat, we need to ensure that much-needed state programs and services continue to be funded.

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Maine's North Woods

Maine's northern forest is the single largest undeveloped forestland in the eastern United States. Its woods, waters and wildlife create outstanding recreational experiences for Maine people and visitors.

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Renewable Energy

The market for solar power is changing - solar is becoming more affordable for businesses and homeowners. Reduce barriers and spur investment in solar power. Maine should position itself to encourage conversion to solar.

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