Legislative Advocacy

Jenn Burns Gray, Staff Advocate and Attorney

The second session of the 127th Maine Legislature wrapped up this spring. Short sessions historically address fewer bills than the previous year’s long session, but short-session bills tend to be controversial and politically charged.

This year’s short session was no exception. For a full review of the second session of the 127th Maine Legislature, read our 2016 Legislative Summary.

2016 Legislative Priorities:

Land for Maine's Future

The Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) program helps conserve lands with high recreational and ecological value, as well as working farms, forestlands and waterfronts. This important program has been funded in the past by bonds that are approved by legislators and then voters.

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Stream Crossings

A proposed $10 million bond would help fund improvements to our roads by replacing old stream culverts. This will improve public safety by preparing for extreme flood events and benefit Maine’s wildlife by reconnecting fish and wildlife habitat.

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Shoreland Zoning

Strengthening the Shoreland Zoning Law will ensure that Maine's $3.5 billion lake legacy - quality of life, drinking water sources and freshwater habitat - endures to benefit future generations.

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Renewable Energy

The market for solar power is changing - solar is becoming more affordable for businesses and homeowners. Reduce barriers and spur investment in solar power. Maine should position itself to encourage conversion to solar.

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Public Reserved Lands

The money generated by the increase in timber harvesting on public lands should be used to improve recreational opportunities and wildlife habitats, which in turn benefit Maine’s rural economy.

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