Legislative Advocacy

Jenn Burns-Gray, Staff Advocate and Attorney

Our natural resources are what set Maine apart – preserving and protecting them is a value shared by families and businesses across the state. Therefore, any threat to Maine’s natural legacy is a threat to the very heart of our economy and our quality of life.

Read about  our challenges and successes in the second session of the 126th Legislature (2014).

2014 Legislative Priorities:

Clean & Healthy Water

Clean and healthy water is vital for our environment, health and economy. There are several bills we are working on that will ensure the conservation of this important natural resource.

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Outcome Based Forestry

Outcome-based forestry is a science-based, voluntary process to achieve agreed-upon economic, environmental and social outcomes in the State’s forest,

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Open Pit Mining in Maine

Open-pit mining in Maine could result in arsenic, lead, and other toxic chemicals contaminating lakes, rivers, streams, and soils as it has done in other states.

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Brook Trout & Live Bait

Maine is home to 97% of the wild brook trout population in the eastern U.S. To conserve this important species, we support efforts by DIFW to restrict the use of live bait in certain waters.

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Renewable Energy

Wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy are an integral part of Maine's clean energy future. Along with energy conservation, clean energy provides significant environmental benefit for birds, wildlife and habitat.

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What we have worked on